Photo Restoration


My bird, wildlife and landscape photographs may be purchased and can be ordered with or without matting. More photos will be added, so check for updates.


8x10 (double matted)
11x14 (double matted)


If you have photographs that need to be restored, you can schedule an appointment with me. I will need to see the photograph to make an accurate estimate, but below is an approximate price list. Restored photographs come with one print at no additional cost.


Photo Restoration
Minor Restoration
Photo is in good condition and needs a small number of repairs or enhancements
  • One or two scratches or spots
  • Very minor retouching (e.g. blemish removal)
  • Very minor color, brightness & contrast adjustments
  • $50.00
Medium Restoration
Photo is in poor condition and needs a small number of repairs or enhancements
  • Minor facial features damaged
  • Small areas significantly damaged or missing
  • Moderate scratches
  • Moderate mold or water damage
  • $50.00-$70.00
Major Restoration
Photo is in very poor condition and needs extensive repair or enhancement
  • Sections of photo missing or significantly damaged
  • Missing important detail in face or body area
  • Severe mold or water damage
  • Severe or numerous scratches
  • Severe fading, yellowing or staining
$70.00 +
Colorization of a black & white photo or photos that have changed color
  • Price depends on amount of detail needed to be colorized